That's all it takes.

Try our total body workout in a conveniently scheduled private training session with one of our highly skilled instructors.  
20 Minutes.
Once A Week.
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Our studios are cool, quiet, and clean. We provide a relaxing environment where you can completely focus on exhausting your muscles for the most effective workout possible. Without the sweaty gym smell.
Find your focus
Our workout is so effective because our instructors are safely guiding you to "muscle failure." We are always with you to ensure you are using the correct muscles with proper form and alignment while working to your max intensity.
Inspirational Trainers
Book a standing time each week or change your day/time for every session. Customize your workout program so it works best for you. We are open 7 days a week. 
By appointment. 
Around your schedule.
Flexible Scheduling
Maximum Results. Minimum Time.
50% Off First Workout in Echo Park!

(Echo Park Only)

Increase your muscle strength and bone density, relieve chronic pain, boost your metabolism, and get your cardio workout in -- in just one 20 minute workout each week. 
It's time to try intelligent strength training. You'll never go to a regular gym again.
I am in LOVE. Because of the intensity, because you push the muscles to absolute failure, you can and DO get a killer workout - in just 20 minutes, without killing yourself.
Jenny Beres
 In and out in 20 minutes, but it kicks my ass. I really love how the trainers take care of me, but the best thing for sure is that I can actually make it work with my impossible schedule.  
Arjen van Eijmeren
Alexandra Grizinski
I can't say enough about Melinda and her Strength Shoppe trainers. I've toned up so much in the last few years and lost over 20 inches. 
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